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What you need to know about Puente Alto

Puente Alto is a city and commune of Chile. It is the capital of the Cordillera Province in the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Located at the south of the Great Santiago conurbation. It is the second largest city in Chile.

After 1883, the province of Santiago was divided into three departments: Santiago, La Victoria and Melipilla. In 1891 the “Autonomic Commune Law” was enacted, after which the president signed as the “Decree of the Creation of Municipalities.”
From this decree the department of La Victoria was divided into the municipalities of Peñaflor, Talagante, Calera de Tango, San José de Maipo y Lo Cañas.
According to regional law, the authorities of this new sector would be able to increase in proportion to the number of inhabitants in the area, as well as adding three additional mayors the bureaucratic structure. This law was passed with the aim of giving more individual power to the remote areas of the fast-growing city, instead of everything being governed as a whole under La Victoria.

Population: 802,109(2014)
Area: 88.2 km²


The Chilean unit of currency is the peso (CH$). Bank notes come in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 pesos. Coin values are one, five, 10, 50, 100 and 500 pesos, although one-peso coins are fast disappearing, and even fives and tens are uncommon.


The climate is warm and temperate in Puente Alto. The winters are rainier than the summers in Puente Alto. This location is classified as Csc by Köppen and Geiger. The average temperature in Puente Alto is 14.2 ° C. The rainfall here averages 478 mm. The driest month is January, with 1 mm of rainfall. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in June, with an average of 112 mm. The warmest month of the year is January, with an average temperature of 20.5 ° C. The lowest average temperature in the year in July, when it is around 8 ° C.


The official language spoken is Spanish.

Getting Around

Puente Alto is connected to the rest of Santiago vía two forms of organized public transportation.
First, the Metro Bus, which can be taken from anywhere in Puente Alto to arrive eventually to downtown Santiago.
Puente Alto is also home to the most southerly station of the Santiago Metro, Estación Plaza de Puente Alto. Travel time to downtown Santiago by metro train is approximately 45 minutes.